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RevAPM accelerates the delivery of content to both wired and wireless devices. We offer a global network of a customizable performance platform that provides deeper insight into network, performance and business analytic data. Our platform allows for unparalleled control with our advanced customer portal and APIs. The result? More happier and satisfied end users. Most importantly, your users stay connected and increase their engagement because RevAPM helps you eliminate slow connections and reduce mobile lag. Let RevAPM accelerate all your data delivery so you can create the best user experience possible.



What We Do for eCommerce

Rev Application Platform Management (RevAPM) is a single pane of glass for business owners to monitor performance and revenue attribution across their e-commerce operation.  Have you ever wanted a way to measure your buyers’ desire to convert or evaluate how to fully optimize your business to realize your full revenue potential?  Furthermore,, RevAPM’s platform can assist in  evaluating new technologies based on revenue outcomes and user conversion rather than relying on testing out of context.  Through our “What If” scenarios for performance and revenue, eCommerce owners can evaluate if technologies aren’t just faster, but are they adding revenue or conversions to top line revenue growth.   

The process is simple, add a tag to your site through a tag manager and collect baseline data to understand the current revenue attribution and see where revenue is leaking with current solutions.  Our team works with you to develop a plan to target the biggest wins first and a plan to recover as much revenue as possible.

SS-two    SS-one

Example Screen shots of the RevAPM portal


A global network with caching,
acceleration and optimized routing

An optional SDK for better
evice performance and insights

Solutions developed exclusively
for the mobile world


DDoS mitigation
adding a  layer of
otection at the edge

End-to-end encryption for
all of your data



Alerts help you identify, repair
and  avoid problems in real time

Notifications keep you in
touch with your users

Analytics and reporting on every
aspect of mobile performance


Developer-friendly, delivering
the tools and views you need

Standard and Custom caching
rules for maximum flexibility

Easy cache management
with Purge and Config API

How We Improve Application Performance


The current generation of CDNs were designed to solve problems related to wired network deliver, where every user was coming from a fixed network position with a predictable latency. This gave rise to CDNs deploying hardware in many locations over the globe and focusing on first mile and middle mile acceleration. This world unfortunately has evolved into a wireless world where of 60% of traffic is no longer fixed or is relying on connections with extremely high packet loss and latency. The current vanguard has continued in increasing PoP counts, total network throughput, SSD drives, and so forth as the chief methods of curing this latency. These are important steps and simple technologies, but they only solve one part of the issue.

This is WHY we built our delivery platform. RevAPM was started as a way to improve and streamline the decision making and optimization of delivery within eBusinesses by first evaluating how revenue is taken in on the site and then aggregating technologies in our Applications Performance Management platform. From our console or through our API stack you can control any function of our network and then SEE the outcome in your bottom or top line revenue. You can finally answer the question of, “What is my user tenacity?” “Do users buy from me because of my brand or how I serve them?” “Can my eCommerce site shoot a person on 5th avenue and not lose a single conversion?”


RevAPM is delivering this solution today though groundbreaking patent-pending technology, which can take into account the true line quality and device capabilities. Your enterprise can customize content on fly or distribute some of the content generation to the edge of the network and shave full seconds off of a download of a site or the completion of a buy journey. Our Dynamic Optimized Transport System (DOTS) is just the tip of the iceberg in our ability to redefine performance and speeds on the internet. Please sign up.